Paper Preparation Guide

Paper Submission: The Articles can be submitted by two methods; first direct email to us at or through the submission form available online on homepage. If author find any kind of technical difficulty in form submission online then he/she can easily email us his/her paper. Both method of submission will be given equal importance. It should be clearly noted that submission does not guarantee acceptance of manuscript for publication.

Paper Layout: Authors are advised to prepare their Manuscript in separate A4 size document and then cut or copy their article and paste it in our Template. Other option is to use Template for writing research work from beginning. All the research work of authors is only accepted in ENGLISH language and Font face is TIMES NEW ROMAN only. Major font and paragraph specifications are given in TABLE.  Number style used may be Number or Roman Numerals depends on author way of writing Manuscript. Heading and Subheading of the section is written as I. INTRODUCTION or 1. Introduction, it may be Uppercase or Sentence case. Try to keep Manuscript precise and not more than 5 to 8 pages. All the body text is justified (not heading and sub heading). Please download “Paper Template” from “Author Home” for getting full detail of Manuscript writing Procedure. Some details are given in tables below.


Font: Times New RomanFont Size Text Align
Title of Paper 12Bold Centre
Author’s Name 12BoldCentre
Author Affiliation 10 Normal Centre
Abstract And Keywords 10Bold and ItalicLeft
Headings 12 Bold Left
Sub Headings 12 Bold and ItalicLeft
Body Text, Equations 11Normal Left
References 11Normal Justify
Acknowledgement 9 Normal Justify


Header2.5 cm
Footer2.5 cm
Line Spacing for Body TextSingle
Top Margins of Paper2.5 cm
Bottom Margins of Paper2.5 cm
Left Margins of Paper2.5 cm
Right Margins of Paper2.5 cm

Types of Articles: All the submitted articles should be author(s) original work, not considered for publication in other Journals, it should be experimental data or theoretical application. Article submitted to the Research Publish Journals Should meet journals rigorous peer review standard for considering it for publication. All authors are advised not to submit Plagiarism material. Some of the major types of article published by our journals are given below:

  1. Original Research: These articles should be clearly and preciously describe the original research work. It should shows methodology used and experiments done for obtaining new finding. It should be accurate and complete itself so that other can easily verify the work.
  2. Short Note: Short note usually describes new idea and innovation, it is not complete full length paper or complete one transaction with some new findings. Usually short note shows change in scenario due to some technological advancement in particular area.
  3. Survey/Review Articles: Review articles shows literature survey of particular area/problem in organised and precise manner while Survey paper gives the common comprehensive outcome from many research work analysis.

Copyright Transfer Details: Corresponding authors should fill the copyright form by using ink pen and sign it for transfer of copyright of article to Research Publish Journals. Now scan this copyright form and send this soft copy (image file or pdf format) along with the Paper/Manuscript by email or through form submission. Author can download Copyright Form at author home on top menu of website homepage.

Submission Terms: Authors are advised to agree and read carefully terms and condition, privacy policy, and disclaimers of this website before submitting their manuscript for publication. The corresponding author is solely responsible for approval taken from all co-authors for submitting manuscript. Article contains no such material that may be unlawful, infringe any proprietary or personal rights of others (including, without limitation, any copyrights or privacy rights); that the Work is factually accurate and contains no matter libellous or otherwise unlawful.