Prof.Asoc.Dr. Nazmi Xhomara

Rruga "Thanas Ziko", p.6, Tirana, Albania

Contact Information

Call: +355 68 201 8960


Asoc.Prof. Nazmi Xhomara

Lecturer at Department of Mathematics and Statistics, "Luarasi" University

Nazmi Xhomara graduated on science teaching in 1988. As he was passionate about scientific research he obtained a Master Degree on “Research on Education” in 2012, and a Doctoral degree on “Education Sciences/Pedagogy” in 2015. He published schoolbooks as well as scientific papers. He is lecturing currently Policy on Education, Leadership and Management of Education, Curriculum, and Research Methods courses at University.

  1. 2021

    Associate Professor

    University of Tirana
  2. 2012 - 2015

    Doctor of Philosophy, Pedagogy

    University of Tirana
  3. 2010 -2012

    Master's Degree, Education, MND

    University of Tirana


  1. 2018
    Lecturer, Department of Matheamtics and Statistics, Faculty of Information Technology and Innovation
    Luarasi University